The Best Remote Car Starters to Buy in 2018

Posted by David Beren on 21st Oct 2018

Whether it's chilly or hot outside, the last thing you want to do is get in a car that is too cold or already too warm. Fortunately, the advent of vehicle remote starts has helped eliminate the chances you'll get burned by a hot seatbelt or chilled by a freezing steering wheel. The addition of a remote car starter can give you peace of mind and an added level of security. It can help you start your day a whole lot better by getting everything going in your car before you even go outside. We've narrowed down some of the best remote car starters for every budget and vehicle.

Best Compatibility: Compustar CS800-S Remote Start $84.99


Compustar's CS800-S one-way remote start engine system is compatible with diesel engines. As diesel engines function very differently than the more traditional gas-powered engine, this is a feature that shouldn't be ignored. With two included one-way remote start systems with keyless entry, the four-button transmitters can operate from a range of up to 1,000 feet away from a vehicle. Holding down the remote start for 2.5 seconds will engage the engine as well as enable either warm or cool air to start pumping out depending on which has been set before exiting the vehicle. An additional trunk release button is available, as are locking and unlocking buttons for doors. User reviews peg the Compustar as one of the easiest systems to install if you have basic car knowledge, while a separately-purchased accessory can add smartphone control and GPS tracking.

Best Splurge: Compustar Pro T11 Remote Start $600-$800 Installed 


If you're willing to splurge on the price, the Compustar Pro T11 three-mile range and feature set make it a standout choice in a busy field. The advancements of this system allow for notable extras right, including two touchscreen LCD display remotes that are IPX7 certified for waterproofing. USB-rechargeable, the remotes still feature all the basics, including remote engine start, trunk release, locking and unlocking doors, plus the ability to control heated seats, front and rear window defrosters, windows operation and GPS engagement. The car starter features visual and audible confirmation each time a command is sent to the car. It comes with a three-year manufacturer backed warranty

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